Nowadays everyone likes binge-watching. Nobody wants to pay for original content and just want to watch everything for free. Streaming online videos from the pirated video is the only last option left for TV shows and movies lovers. But have you ever thought that how it can affect your device and its performance? Does is it over when you exit the website? Actually no. The trackers keep on tracking your device, and through this online content, they release dangerous malware like Trojans in your device. This will later result in slow processing of your devices, leading you in serious troubles and will open your device for a flood of advertisement. 

Note: You should know that downloading pirated content is illegal and is a breach of copyright protected act. This can lead you to have legal troubles and can lend hefty fines to you, even jail, in some cases if found in mass exploitation.

Today we will know in detail how these pirate movie websites are infecting computers and phones in a bad way!

What are pirated websites, what is pirated content, and how does it affect our devices?

Pirated websites

The websites which provide pirated content to different users are known as pirated websites. They deliver these contents for free. They aren’t always safe to use and can spread dangerous malware through their content. You can download any kind of data such as music, games, TV shows, and other software from different pirated websites. Some popular pirated sites listed below:

  1. The pirate bay: This website itself suggests you some best torrents, and you can use this website for any kind of content old or new. 
  2. Torlock: Top 100 torrents list to help you find some of the best content. It is best for anime music and ebooks. 
  3. Vidmate – Many people download vidmate for pc for video download and making.

there are always Website that allows you to download the illigal Movies, Songs & Shows Like Tamilrockers, Movierulz, Fmovies,123Movies Etc.


  1. EZTV: This pirated website is perfect for TV shows and it is very easy to navigate. 
  2. LimeTorrents: If no other website provides the content you wanted, then probably this website is perfect for you. It is better as an alternative option. 
  3. Torrentz2: This website provides the best content of music and is very easy to use. 
  4. 1337x: The sections are divided into Oscar nominations, new shows, best movies, and much more. This website provides the best torrent search options. 
  5. RARBG: If you are searching for new content, then this website is probably the best one to download it. It is a very active website, and you will find almost all the new content here.  
  6. YTS: This website is best to download classic movies and is perfect for the users. You can download classic movies with limited bandwidth.

Pirated content

A content that is copied is not original is known as pirated content. Original content is obtained from a unique website and is always sold. Users who cannot buy or don’t want to purchase content search it online on pirated sites and download it from there. It is illegal to sell and buy pirated content. If you are caught, then it can lead you to pay a hefty fine or even trip to jail in extreme cases. Many websites, in fact, spread malware through different pirated contents. It is very unsafe to download pirated content from pirated sites for your devices.

How Does it cause Danger to our devices?

Downloading or streaming movies and TV shows from pirated content is very dangerous. People think it is safe, and you finish it off after you complete the download and exit the website. But no!! Trojans and other harmful malware do not exit and enter your devices while you stream a particular TV show or a movie. Some harmful effects are:

  1. It affects the performance of your device and, in fact, steals the data from your device. 
  2. It slows down the speed of the device and can lead you into serious troubles. 
  3. It can fill your device with a large number of ads as soon as you turn your data on. It will be a pathway for spreading the virus and dangerous malware all around. 
  4. In fact, this malware can enter other devices when you share data through portable hardware. 
  5. Also, it is illegal and can lead you in serious and dangerous troubles while you stream the content from pirated websites.  

How do malware and virus spread?

The owners of the pirated movies and TV series websites spread through top shows and movies. Whenever any user downloads it, they are coming under the pray of such malware and viruses. Following are some of the most popular TV series which are used to spread malware and virus through pirated websites:

  1. Game of thrones
  2. The good doctor
  3. The big bang theory
  4. Arrow
  5. Suits
  6. The walking dead
  7. Vikings
  8. This is us
  9. Grey’s anatomy
  10. Supernatural
  • Many statistics have shown that TV shows like Game of Thrones, Arrow, and The Walking Dead are the most popular TV shows responsible for the spread of viruses and malware. 
  • Different episodes are responsible for spreading the virus and malware. For example, the first and the last episode of game of thrones turned out to be the most infected one. The users who downloaded these two episodes mostly faced the problem of malware and reduced the performance of their devices.
  • Each TV show at least covered three users to attack their device through dangerous malware and virus. 
  • Trojans are spread through the ads. The ads guarantee you of no virus website and actually have the virus, which later on attacks your device. Trojans are really dangerous malware, which can spoil your device performance and affect the data of your device.
  • In fact, Game of Thrones spread hazardous malware. This TV series is used by almost 500 different groups. A total of 33 types of malware are spread using Game of Thrones.
  • The American horror story is proved to be the most dangerous file because it covers almost three users at a time and spread perilous malware. 
  • Out of all the pirated content, the most responsible pirated content was Game of Thrones. 17% of infected files are spread by Game of Thrones when it is downloaded from the websites which provide pirated shows and movies.

Why should we avoid using pirated websites?

It is not only dangerous for our devices but also for the actors, directors, and other people who are part of the content you download online. It does nothing but increases the costs of that movie or TV show on online platforms. Thus, streaming videos online from the pirated website is a very bad thing and you should mostly avoid it. The real content can be obtained from many legal movie streaming sites and other certified video streaming software that are only safe for watching the original content.    

How can we prevent this?

  1. Government corporations should release strict protocols so that none of their employees use these pirated websites to download illegal content. They should restrict such networks and keep their data safe by doing this. It is better for government corporations to restrict such networks so that they don’t become a significant pathway of dangerous malware and Trojans.
  2. Strict laws should be released against this business of privacy. Law enforcement should do rigorous investigation against cyber criminals so that they avoid the troubles faced by internet users. Another fact is that the makers of the movie or limited series get lost in their business, which affects the livelihood of numerous peoples committed with the makers. If genuine and hard work of makers is not appreciated, it will later result in the loss of good content and money also.
  3. Social platforms such as Facebook, online shopping, craigslist, and other social websites should avoid the selling of privacy devices and contents. Social platforms are also the major pathway for cybercriminals to spread dangerous malware and Trojans. 
  4. Lack of awareness is a very major issue. Users think that downloading content from pirated websites will not create any problem for their devices, and neither will lead them into any trouble. That’s not true. Pirated websites are very dangerous, and users should avoid any kind of download from such sites. Both state-level and the country-level government should warn their citizens not to use such websites and should bring some secure laws for their safety.
  5. You can use apps like Roku and Apple TV to avoid streaming from pirated websites. There is no shortage of inline platforms that can provide you original content without any trouble.  

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So above was an overview of how using pirated websites can affect your device. There is no shortage of online platforms where you cannot binge watch different TV shows and movies. It is very easy to use other platforms rather than using pirated websites and indulging yourself in serious troubles, including fraud and losing hard-earned money, as regular visitors of these sites are easy targets for fraud. Nowadays using advertisement fraudsters use your device for cryptocurrency mining leading unwanted sharing of information and compromising the speed of the device. It is better to pay and watch shows instead of paying heavy fines and maybe a trip to jail. So, keep your device safe and avoid using pirated websites.