Logging in to your router can be a hassle if you are a tech noob. I also had to face a lot of problems when I decided to log in to my router to change the password of my router or for something else.

First, let’s talk about why you would want to log in to your router:

1- to change the password of your router and the wifi internet.

2. To extend the existing network to cover a larger area with your wifi.

3. To change the QoS (quality of service) settings to allocate different bandwidths to different applications and devices.

4.  To use the Dynamic DNS feature to allocate a new address to your computer when you want to host a server.

5.   To access the web interface of your router.

6.  To check who all are connected to your router. This can be done by clicking on the “connected devices” button on the general status page.

7.   To change the DNS server for your entire network on your router.

8.   Routers have parental control features that allow website blocking for different devices. Then you can also control the timing when internet access is disabled for a particular device. This will help you to stop your child from using the internet late at night.

Now that we know why we would want to login to a router, let’s talk about how to login to routers like D-Link, Linksys, Belkin, Asus, and Netgear.  They have a login process that is quite similar. So if you follow the given process then you will be able to log in to most of the routers.

login router Dashboard –

1: Connect the router to the computer using the Ethernet cable.

2:  Then open your favorite browser. It can be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or for that matter any browser you want.

3: In the address bar in your browser, enter the default IP address of your router. The default IP address of most of the routers is Enter this IP address and press enter.

Question: How to find the default IP address of your wireless router?

Answer: Generally the default IP address of a router is Or If this doesn’t work, you can visit the website of your routers make, and directly get to the GUI of setup console page.

4:  Once you enter your IP address in the address bar of the router and press Enter, then a new page will open in the browser which will ask you to enter your username and password.

You can try this combination of username and password:

Username  =  admin  , Password = admin.

If even after using this combination you are not able to log in, that means that you must have changed the password and have forgotten it. Most routers don’t have the facility of recovering the lost password. But you can reset the router.

Resetting the password is the subject of a different article. It is a complex process. There are two ways called the Soft Reset and the Hard Reset. A soft reset is used when the password is being changed for the first time and the hard reset method is used when the password is being reset for the second or any number of times.

Now we know how to log in to a router. Now you can solve any problem you have related to your router by logging in and accessing the web interface of your router.

How to Login different Range extenders

for anyone using the range extender, the process is similar for belkin extender its belkin.range , for Netgear range extender its mywifiext.net and for rockspace range extender its re.rockspace.local to access the console.

hope all of this information will be valuable add on if you need any other help just let us know.