Arris has been making mostly cable modems before this product. 

They have been selling cable modems for over 60 years now. It is the same company that invented digital TV and brought the wireless internet into homes with their first cable modem gateway. Their modems provide exceptional download speeds that allow faster downloads, HD video streaming without buffering, online gaming with zero latency, etc. 

They provide enhanced safety features to keep your network safe and secure and provide the ultimate surfing experience. Let’s talk about how to set up the router, login into your web portal, and various other settings.

Connecting your router to your computer

In order to connect your router with your computer, use the Ethernet cable provided inside the box. You need to connect one end of the ethernet cable to your computer’s Ethernet port and one end to the port in your modem

Login Arris Wireless Router –

Step 1. Open up your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge). 

Step 2. Enter your IP address in the address bar, which in your case will be or (if it does not work, your IP, username, and password will be provided on the backside of the modem). 

A login prompt will pop-up, It will ask you for Username and Password. By default, the username and password will be “admin” and “password” respectively. 

If these credentials don’t work, try the following credentials. 

Username Password 

admin admin 

admin 1234 

admin blank 

blank blank 

If the problem persists, try restarting your modem and try logging in again. 

Note: These credentials may not work if your service provider has changed it. You will have to contact your service provider in that case. Source of the information – arris router login

Can’t Log In, What to do?

If you fail to login or you are facing problems with bandwidth, you don’t need to panic because just by resetting your modem to default settings will help you proceed further. 

It will restore the settings of your router to the default as it came out of the box. 

After resetting, your login or bandwidth problem should be fixed. Now try logging in with the default username and password. (written on the box or on the back of the modem)

How to Factory Reset Arris Wireless Router?

Note: Resetting your modem will wipe all your settings like network name and password. 

There are two ways by which you can reset your wireless router. Let’s go through them one by one: 

Using Reset Button 

Generally, at the backside of your modem, there should be a reset button. 2. When you locate the button press and hold the reset button using a pointed object like a 

pen or paper pin. 3. Hold the reset button for 12-15 seconds. Doing this will make your router reboot. 4. When the router reboots, it means that the router has been restored to factory settings.- 

This may take a few minutes. 

Even after completing all the steps above, if you are unable to reset factory settings, then try the second method given below: 

 Reset using the web interface 

You can log in to your Arris wireless router by going to one of the following addresses: 



c. 2.

  • Go to the section named as Security or Utilities (the name of this tab can vary model to model)
  • Look for the option to factory reset the device to default settings and click on it to begin the process.
  • Wait a few minutes for your modem to reset. 

Congratulations your router has now been reset to default settings. What next, you ask? 

Now as your router is back to default settings, you will have to set it up for your own use, so let’s talk about that next. 

Setting up Initial Wireless settings

For setting up the wireless settings of your modem, you need to log in to the web portal as mentioned above. 

It will ask you for the username and password and you can use the default ones as explained above. After you’ve successfully logged in, do the following steps: 

Step 1. Ensure to check Enable Wireless checkbox. 

Step 2. Choose an easy name for your network (that you can easily remember) and put that name in Wireless Network Name(SSID) 

Step 3. To make sure that your network is visible to connect, check the Broadcast Network Name(SSID) checkbox. 

Step 4. Set Tx Power Level to “High” for faster transaction speeds. 

Step 5. For Channel, choose “Auto”. 

Step 6. Choose your preferred language, by default, it will be “English”. 

Step 7. Choose the right security model for your network: Choose WPA-WPA-2PSK** as it is the most advanced security protocol available as of now. 

Step 8. Encryption Algorithm should be set to “TKIPAES”. 

Step 9. Setting up a password for your wireless network: To set a password for your network, type in your desired password in the Pre-Shared Key field. Try setting a difficult password for your network, but make sure to remember it. 

Step 10. Click on the WPS Enable checkbox to ensure the security of your network is active. 

Step 11.Go to Encryption Mode and set Encryption Mode to PBC. 

Step 12. Click the Apply Button. Your router should be successfully configured now. 

Note: Some devices may not be compatible with these settings, you may need to downgrade the security to WPA-PSK or WEP in order to support those devices. 

How to Reset Password on Arris Wireless Modem? 

Default passwords are often very easy and people can easily get access to your network. But you don’t want that, do you? So you need to change your password to add a little bit more security to your network. 

Note: You need to be connected to your network via an Ethernet cable or Wireless network. 

1. Login to your Arris wireless router using the web portal as explained before.

2. Search for Security settings(Location of these settings may vary for different models), 

Try to locate these settings in the sidebar.

3. Look for a Field named as “Pre-shared Key” 

4. Enter your new password in the “Pre-shared key” field.(try to make your password more

complex, but easy to remember).

5. You might be asked to enter your password again. 

a. Tips for setting a strong password 

i. Add special characters. ii. Use Upper case and Lower case characters. iii. Avoid Using Commonly used words. 6. Save your password by clicking on the “Save” button. After saving the changes, restart your device. 


Does Arris Modem have Wi-Fi? Arris provides DOCSIS 3.0 standard, SURFboard WiFi cable modem that is perfect for streaming 4K Ultra-HD video content, virtual reality gaming with zero latency. 

How to Extend my Wi-Fi range? 

● Select a Good Place to put your modem. 

● Keep your router updated. 

● Cut Off unwanted connected devices. 

● Buy a Wi-Fi repeater/Extender. 

● Try Switching WiFi channels. 

● Stop Bandwidth hungry apps and clients 

● Switch to 5GHz band. 


After going through the instructions, it won’t be that hard for you to log in and configure the Arris Wireless router. We hope we helped you configure the router and made the process a little easier for you. 

Leave feedback in the comments if we were able to help you. Also, If you have any questions regarding logging in or setting up the router, feel free to ask in the comments.