if you too are facing the problem of continuous disconnection of your laptop from the wifi, then don’t worry, as you are not the only one! Nowadays many users are reporting this issue of often disconnecting their laptop from the wireless network.
Why this problem of disconnection in every few minutes occur?
The continuous disconnection of the wireless network from your laptop happens because of the connection issue. Also, it won’t be easily fixed by restarting your router or restarting your laptop.
-If you are facing this problem, then you must have some issues with cable or DSL modem, router, or in your ISP. You must be having a poor wifi signal or overloaded wifi signal. To fix this issue, you need to again sign in to the network with public wifi hotspot (via login page).
-It may also occur due to wireless interference with other hotspots or other nearby devices.
-The outdated wifi drivers can also create the issue.

Fix Laptop Keeps Disconnecting

  • Another reason is insufficient strength if wifi hotspot, like you, are sitting at the end of the wifi range.
  • In crowded areas, the overloaded network issue might be faced.
  • The problem of channel overlapping may occur.
  • Outdated firmware of wireless router can also be the cause.
    How to fix the issue?
  • Reset your router and restart your computer, it may fix the issue.
  • Come closer to the wifi hotspot range to see if this helps you fix wifi keeps disconnecting problem
  • Set your wifi at a different place, it will resolve the issue of wifi interference.
  • Update your wifi adapter driver and router firmware from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Try to connect with another network, if available, it will make sure that you were connected with bad wifi hotspot.
  • Disable your network adapter power-saving setting. Allow to turn off the device from the tab of power management in settings.
  • Increase Scan Valid Interval to fox wireless network issue.
  • From the ‘Advanced’ tab from the settings, change the value of Scan Value Interval to ‘120’.
    If I talk about particular Windows 10, then
  • It can be the issue of corrupted/outdated wireless drivers.
  • It can be a power management issue.
  • If home Network marked as public.
  • Or, WiFi connection utility conflict.
    How to fix it in Windows 10:
  • Mark your home network as private.
  • Disable WiFi sense.

These were some of the issues on how one can fix laptop keeps disconnecting problem or internet keeps dropping

Hopefully this should help you resolve the problem.