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Pogo jungle gin is been quite famous among Pogo players for more than a decade. because this is one of the premium multiplayer card games that can be played using your club Pogo membership. one can also practice the card skills playing against robots.

jungle Gin is not loading and being Unable to move cards are the most common error with this particular game however other issues may occur depending on the cause.

in this article, we help you understand and troubleshoot jungle gin problems in easy and quick methods. please read this guide till last to get jungle gin working again. before we start troubleshooting check out the reasons that could cause the problem.

Why Pogo Jungle Gin is not loading or Working?

mostly this issue may occur because of increased screen zoom size or screen resolution however there are 10+ more reasons that could cause Pogo games to have a problem with games loading and working such as –

  • How you access the game: By selecting a room or play with Bots
  • GamingMode: whether you are Playing with robots or at the table
  • Table: I am creating my own table or joining someone
  • Rules: it can be set default or choose your own rules for the table
  • Platform– whether you are using windows or mac systems on a laptop or smartphone.
  • internet Connection type: using a wired or wireless connection and connection speed
  • Your Flash Version:
  • Internet Browser = Microsoft Internet Explorer 11(Browser Mode 11, Document Mode 11)
  • Resolution = 1600 x 900
  • Flash version = this is something that you should check with the browser.
  • Java Versions installed = whether java is updated and enabled or not
  • Antivirus or Blocking software: pop-up blocker or security blocking the website with the firewall.

now that you know the possible reasons that could jeopardize the Pogo game’s workings the best course of action will be to contact pogo customer service to help you fix the problem however for those who want to try doing quick troubleshooting on their own we have a guide for you to follow.

How to Fix Pogo Jungle Gin Not working?

The first thing you should try is to zoom out the screen size and reduce it to the default (100 %) screen size. please follow the quick tips for windows computers. Just Press the Ctrl+ 0(Zero) on the keyboard simultaneously and that’s it.

for mac computer you can press and hold Command (⌘) key and then use plus(+) and minus(-) keys to increase and decrease the screen size.

Now there few other tricks that you must try before you try anything else.

Update – download the latest Java version and remove the older java version for the Pogo games. enable the java in the browser. check for the latest update in router firmware to eradicate any internet-related issues and then download the latest version of the antivirus update and install it to make sure it’s working properly. checkout this guide for any pogo games not loading problems with all types of games.

Blocking– sometimes tables and chat rooms popups get blocked by antivirus or blocking software. please make sure to temporarily disable or make exceptions for pogo games.

change Browser – some of the games may have issues with different types of pogo games such as java games, flash games, and HTML games so it’s best to change the browser and see if the game may work on a different browser.

If you have internet problems and you like to shift to mobile fun games without internet try the link to checkout.


try all of these methods and suggestions to fix Pogo jungle gin loading issues. you can also adjust screen resolution according to game requirements. if the problem is still not resolved please contact support for further help and assistance.