Laptop keeps Disconnecting from WiFi, Here is How you fix it

if you too are facing the problem of continuous disconnection of your laptop from the wifi, then don’t worry, as you are not the only one! Nowadays many users are reporting this issue of often disconnecting their laptop from the wireless network.
Why this problem of disconnection in every few minutes occur?
The continuous disconnection of the wireless network from your laptop happens because of the connection issue. Also, it won’t be easily fixed by restarting your router or restarting your laptop.
-If you are facing this problem, then you must have some issues with cable or DSL modem, router, or in your ISP. You must be having a poor wifi signal or overloaded wifi signal. To fix this issue, you need to again sign in to the network with public wifi hotspot (via login page).
-It may also occur due to wireless interference with other hotspots or other nearby devices.
-The outdated wifi drivers can also create the issue.

Fix Laptop Keeps Disconnecting

  • Another reason is insufficient strength if wifi hotspot, like you, are sitting at the end of the wifi range.
  • In crowded areas, the overloaded network issue might be faced.
  • The problem of channel overlapping may occur.
  • Outdated firmware of wireless router can also be the cause.
    How to fix the issue?
  • Reset your router and restart your computer, it may fix the issue.
  • Come closer to the wifi hotspot range to see if this helps you fix wifi keeps disconnecting problem
  • Set your wifi at a different place, it will resolve the issue of wifi interference.
  • Update your wifi adapter driver and router firmware from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Try to connect with another network, if available, it will make sure that you were connected with bad wifi hotspot.
  • Disable your network adapter power-saving setting. Allow to turn off the device from the tab of power management in settings.
  • Increase Scan Valid Interval to fox wireless network issue.
  • From the ‘Advanced’ tab from the settings, change the value of Scan Value Interval to ‘120’.
    If I talk about particular Windows 10, then
  • It can be the issue of corrupted/outdated wireless drivers.
  • It can be a power management issue.
  • If home Network marked as public.
  • Or, WiFi connection utility conflict.
    How to fix it in Windows 10:
  • Mark your home network as private.
  • Disable WiFi sense.

These were some of the issues on how one can fix laptop keeps disconnecting problem or internet keeps dropping

Hopefully this should help you resolve the problem.

Canon Printer Common Problems & Solutions

canon common problems

We are living in the paperless world still the days today official operations are incomplete with the printer. There are several types of printers and their brands are available in the market. Canon printer is one of the most used and affordable printer brands. Canon printers are the best suits for personal as well as commercial purposes.

With the advanced features of the canon printer, users are also facing some technical problems or errors in it. This article provides quick solutions to common canon printer problems faced by the users. Users who experienced any kind of issues related to the canon printer can refer to this article to resolve the issue. to Download the driver & software package for canon, Printer go to & get the correct version of canon driver & manual to install the Canon printer

Some troubleshooting tips:

The continuous printing jobs for long hours most of the time cause the problem printers to stop working in the middle due to overheating. In such cases the user can turn off the printer, wait for some time at least for 30 minutes and start printing again.

If the computer system is unable to communicate with the canon printer unit then a user might get the printer not responding error with their printer. Users can use the following steps to fix the canon printer setup error.

  1. Check id canon printer is properly connected with the power outlet also check if the power cable between printer and computer system is properly connected or not.
  2. Connect the USB cable to another USB port and test the printer for error.
  3. Use another USB cable for connecting printer and computer system.
  4. The users who are using the network printer should check for their internet connection. Poor connection often causes the printer not responding problems.
  5. The user who connects their system with a printer via Bluetooth should place the printer close to the computer system. Repair it again and test the printer for error.

Printer not responding:

Here are the steps which can assist the user to fix the canon printer not responding issue from the printer unit.

  1. Press the setup button on the printer unit.
  2. Click on the wireless LAN setup option from the available menu and click on the ok button.
  3. Go to an easy setup option.
  4. Click on ‘access point connection (recommended)’ when it asks for the wireless LAN connection method.
  5. Enter the password for your wireless network.
  6. Insert the setup disk on following on-screen instructions to install it.
  7. Select easy install to install it in the device.
  8. Complete the installation process which might take a few minutes and test the printer.

Slow printer:

slow printer

Slow printing is the most frustrating scenario with canon printer users. The user often faces the slow printer issue when they are trying giving high-quality output files for printing. Users can simply reduce the print quality for the rapid printing operation. Users can omit the graphics while printing files from the websites for fast printing.

Users can also turn on the draft model of the canon printer which improves the printing speed and saves the printer ink. this could lead to your canon printer offline so fix it here Now.

Paper jam error:

Printer jam error is frequently experienced by all the canon printer users. Users can follow given steps to fix the canon printer paper jam error.

paper jam in canon
  1. Turn off the printer unit and remove the power cable from the plug immediately.
  2. Test the printer carriage if it can move the right side of the printer.
  3. If it is unable to move and stuck between then the user can take out the ink cartridges from the printer.
  4. Takeout the printer pages from the printer without removing the printer tray.
  5. Open the backside door of the printer. 
  6. Turn printer roller to upward direction thrice and close the rear side of the printer properly.
  7. Place the ink cartridges back to their place and turn on the printer unit.
  8. Check the printer for error by providing test print.

Printer prints half page issue:

Users can execute the following steps sequentially on their computer system if they notice their canon printer prints only half pages.

  1. Go to start-> Run.
  2. It will open the run window type services.MSC on it and hit the enter button.
  3. User can see the services window on the screen.
  4. Search for print spooler on the list.
  5. Click on the stop option by right clicking on that entry.
  6. Keep that window open. Click on the start icon again.
  7. Go to My Computer and navigate to print spool folder which is probably at C\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS.
  8. Delete all the files in this folder to delete the pending jammed print queue.
  9. Open the services window again and start the printer spooler service again.
  10. Test the printer by providing a test print.

No paper alert:

In this users will get the no paper alert from printer even if there are pages in the paper tray. Users can follow given steps to fix the no paper alert in the canon printer.

  1. Users should provide the printing pages in the correct size which is recommended by the canon printer.
  2. Make sure that all the pages are in good condition without any wrinkled sheets or damaged corners.
  3. Open the rear end of the printer and check if any page is stuck between the printer rollers. Remove the jammed paper if found any.
  4. Clean the printer rollers properly with the help of compress air or cleaner.
  5. Test the printer for no paper alert.

Unclear or faded printing:

Users can check their printer head nozzles are open or not. Users should clean their printer heads if the nozzles are not open. The printer head clogged often leads to such type of issue.

Make sure that all the ink cartridges are installed properly or not. Users should also check their ink cartridges there might be the possibility that they are running out and user need to replace it by the new one.

Canon Printer Wifi Problem

if you have trouble connecting canon printer with wifi then you have to make sure few things before proceeding further.

  • make sure you know the wifi password of your router.
  • check to make sure the canon printer is not offline.
  • turn on the printer wifi capability & mind the range

if you have trouble connecting mac computer to canon Printer then try this guide.

We hope that all the above solutions will assist the user to fix their issue which canon printers. Users should update their printer drivers regularly to minimize their error frequency. For further assistance, the user can directly get in touch which the canon printer technical support team.

How to integrate sms api in codeigniter using Spring Edge sms gateway

integrate sms api in codeigniter

Below is a detailed walk through Integration of SMS gateway notifications API to php Codeigniter.

Codeigniter is a lightweight MVC based framework to develop web-based applications. Codeigniter is an open-source framework built in PHP language. Using codeigniter Developers can easily build large web software or a small website. Codeigniter has a good community and documentation, Its simple yet powerful framework which help developers to minimize code and maintain coding standard to build robust dynamic web-based applications.

Codeigniter libraries, plugins and helpers make easier to write and maintain source code. It is easy to add new functionality like integrating sms is easy to add using codeigniter helpers.

This article is about how to integrate sms gateway functionality with php codeigniter using spring edge sms gateway APIs.


  • knowledge of PHP and Codeigniter.
  • Account/API key with Spring Edge SMS Gateway.
  • SMS Sender Name provided by Spring Edge.
  • A Working environment to run codeigniter.

Lets get started:

Sign Up With Spring Edge SMS Gateway:

Fill an online form with your name, email and other details on website to sign up. Upon sign up for sms account, you will get trail credits in account to get started with. You can use these sms credits by sending sms using spring edge web app or sms API.

Generating API Auth Key:

Auth Key is used to secure access of our sms account and prevent unauthorised access. Auth key is mandatory to send sms using RestAPIs. You can generate auth key using “Developers” menu of sms application. For security purpose Auth keys are communicated to registered email address only.

Generating API Auth Key

Send a test message:

You can send test sms by two ways, user-interface and RestAPI. You can login into your sms account and send sms using Compose Message menu. You can check sent sms report for acknowledgement of recently sent messages.

Now, Integrate with codeigniter

To start with codeigniter sms gateway integration, we will create a helper in codeigniter helpers folder. Helper functions can be called from any controller in codeigniter.

Create a new file application/helpers/sendsms_helper.php with below content:

function sendsms($mobileno, $message){

    $message = urlencode($message);
    $sender = 'SEDEMO'; 
    $apikey = 'API_KEY_HERE';
    $baseurl = ''.$apikey;

    $url = $baseurl.'&sender='.$sender.'&to='.$mobileno.'&message='.$message;    
    $ch = curl_init();
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, false);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
    $response = curl_exec($ch);

    // Use file get contents when CURL is not installed on server.
        $response = file_get_contents($url);

In helper function we have used CURL to call sms api. It is recommanded to make sure CURL is installed on server. We have also used file get contents function as an alternative.

Load sms helper in controller:

To send sms from codeigniter controller, we have to load helper first. We can use below code to load send sms helper. This code can be placed in constructor.


Call sendsms function:

After helper loaded, its function will be available directly. You can just use below code to call send text message to given mobile number.

sendsms( '919918xxxxxx', 'Hi, this is a test message' );

This code will call the helper function which will trigger sms api and deliver sms to mobile number.

Deployment on production:

To configure it in a production environment of your codeigniter application, You need to move from existing Test/Trail sms gateway account to a commercial. Once commercial account is set-up, You will need to configure auth key and customized sender name in helper.


To integrate sms gateway functionality with codeigniter, we have created a helper function which take mobile number and text message body as input. We have used RestAPI from spring edge sms gateway to send sms.