Fix Avast error 42125 zip archived is corrupted

World’s best antivirus application Avast Antivirus comes with many features and a web browser as well. It has more demand in the market compared to other antivirus applications as it gives protection to your computer.

Method 1: Repair registries associated with error 42125

  1. Go to the start button and search for “Command” and don’t press the enter button.
  2. Instead of pressing enter, you have to press CTRL + Shift + Enter button at the same time. 
  3. It will prompt the permission message and you have to select “Yes”.
  4. Once it gets opened, type “regedit” and tap on the Enter key.
  5. On the registry editor, you have to select the option which is linked with error 42125 which you want.
  6. From the file menu, tap on the Export button.
  7. Then select the folder backup key in which you want to save.
  8. Type the name in the box to locate it easily.
  9. In the “Export Range” option, ensure you have selected the “Selected branch” option.
  10. Then tap on the “Save” button as it will save your file with the file extension called “.reg”.
  11. Now you have the backup file for the Avast antivirus.

Method 2: Cleaning system junk

There are multiples of junk files that get accumulated on your computer system, so that you need to clean the junk files. This can lag your computer with slow performance and even can cause Error 42125 in the Avast antivirus application. So, let’s head to the method of cleaning junk files in the system.

  1. Tap on the start button.
  2. Similarly, enter “command” and instead of pressing the enter button on your keyboard, you have to press CTRL + Shift + Enter button at the same time.
  3. At the time of the prompted message, you need to click the “Yes” button.
  4. Type “regedit” and press on the “Enter” button.
  5. It will start calculating the space in each drive that can be freed up.
  6. From the categories, you need to choose “Temporary files” which will clean up the junk files.
  7. Then you have to select all the checkboxes which will get cleaned and press on the ok button.
  8. Now it will get cleaned all the temporary files and junk files from your computer.

Method 3: Update device driver

Error 42 125 I may also occur from the corrupted or old driver. So try updating the driver of your PC and hope it might work for you.

  1. Go to the start button and type and search device manager. Then click on it.
  2. Tap on the Expand icon if it is not extended to the list. Once it shows the list, locate your device and right-click on it and choose the “Update driver” option.
  3. You can select the search automatically option to update. you can also uninstall avast antivirus whenever if fails to update & start over.

Method 4: Windows system restore

Windows system restore will fix your problem with the error 42125. It will restore your system to the time when it was working fine. So we will recommend you to try this process to fix the issue.

  1. Go to the start button.
  2. Click on the search box and type “System Restore” and simply press on the enter button.
  3. Once it takes you to the system restore window, you have to enter the administrator password.
  4. Then follow the steps and choose the restore point.
  5. Then restore your computer.

Method 5: Run Windows system file checker

  1. Locate to the Start button and tick on it.
  2. In the search box and search for the “command”.
  3. Don’t press on the enter button from your keyboard. Instead of that, press the CTRL + Shift + Enter button.
  4. From d prompted permission message, you have to click on the “Yes” button.
  5. On the black box, type “sfc / scannow” and simply press on the enter button.
  6. Now it will begin scanning the file problems in your system including error 42125.
  7. Now, finish following the on-screen commands.

Method 6: Install all Windows updates

Microsoft constantly comes up with updates and it improves the Windows system files. So this
updating process can also so get rid of error 42125. Sometimes this kind of problem can be
resolved by updating the windows with its latest version of services.

  1. Head to the Start button and tap on it.
  2. Click on the search box and type “update” and press the enter button.
  3. From the Windows Update dialogue box, click on “Check for updates”. Then it will get updated automatically.

So, these are the 6 different methods to resolve your Avast antivirus error 42125. Hope you find
this article helpful and it is working smoothly now.

5 Tips to Online Security Secrets You Never Knew

5 Tips to Online Security Secrets

Hello Everyone,

Having trouble to browse the internet like before? Haven’t you thought any solution to get rid of this problem yet? If no…Then you are not alone.Thousands of people are suffering the security problem on the internet. That’s why they are losing the valuable properties that they can never imagine.

It is first and foremost duty for the online user to know more about the security. You should keep in mind that thousands of dishonest people are trying their level best for hampering the web. For Securing Your Home and furniture Urban Ladder website for an authentic resource for your home furniture safety But For Online Security You Must Read All Given Points.

It is not so important to know that at what steps of online you are in.But the thing you must know that the secret tips of the online security.That will help you enjoy the web more than before. Let’s broke the secret tips for you.

5 Tips to Online Security Secrets

1. The complex password is must:

The most popular password in 2016 was the same as in 2015 and 2014: 123456. Second and third area strengthen 123456789 and qwerty, respectively. Considering the circumstances, it’s not irregular that so many security breaches happen.

As an act in mitigation, a recent psychiatry from the cyber-security authentic Preempt revealed that 35% of LinkedIn users have used pale passwords, appropriately increasing the chances of their accounts getting hacked.

That’s why you must obey some criteria for making a better password for your next account. Like

  • Use at least 12 characters.
  • Must include numbers, symbols and so more.
  • Don’t use a dictionary word.
  • Use a combination of words.

2. Use 2-step verification system:

The two-step verifications system would be an additional feature but it is just yet.It bears a extra security or safety for your account.This system requires when anyone tries to log in to your account from an unauthorized device.It helps to prevent hacking also.

3. Keep your device update:

Don’t forget to activate the automatic update option for your device update.That’s why all of the software gets updated when it is available.You will stay more secure from the heuristic web than before.

4. Install strong antivirus software:

There are no soldiers on the web for fighting against the web devil like the antivirus.There are many strong antiviruses.Like, the Avast, the Norton and many more.You can use that prefers you most. However, always keep in eye on upgrade version that helps for making a strong firewall for your device.

5. Expand your network security:

Have you given any attention to the fact that yet? It is safety for you to browse the web when you are in the home.Because you are using a password protected network.But when you are on the way of your office you are using the cellular data.That’s it’s not so hard for the hacker to know any information about your device.To get rid of these problems you must use a VPN.That can give you a permanent security on the web.


You are not the owner of the web.That’s why it is simple to face problem at the time of browsing the web.It is not mean that you won’t use web anymore. Rather you should learn more about the security of the web.Ultimately, you should implement all the tactics stated above that can make your web journey more interesting.

How to Setup Norton Antivirus Retail Card ?

Setup Norton Antivirus

Hi There,

Would You like to Activate And Setup Norton Antivirus Product?

If You Said Yes Than Lets Go And Help You Install Norton Antivirus Protection.

First Follow these Steps In Order to Explain you Throughout Installation of your Norton Antivirus.

Get to Know Helpful Guide (Pre-installation ) Before Installing Any Antivirus Protection

Please Understand-  What To Do Before Installing Any Antivirus Product

Now Let’s Go And Activate Your Norton Product –

setup norton

  • First Open Your Browser And Type Or Visit  My Norton Account
  • Now go And Login with your Norton Account And Enter Your Product Key.
  • If You Already had Norton Account Please Login using Your Registered Email And Password Associated with Norton. (You Can Always Reset The Password And Recover the Account ) Learn More About 
  • Now Go to Your Account >Services And Select Your Product that You have Bought.
  • Select Your Platform Like windows, Mac Or Whatever You have.
  • Download Your Norton Antivirus And Run the application
  • Install the Norton antivirus using the on-screen Instructions.
  • After setup Please Restart your Computer And See if your System has Taken the installation of your Norton antivirus.
  • Do Not Forget to Update Your Norton Protection And Keey The Conformation Email Or Product Key In Case you need that in the feature.

See Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus Available in the market for home And Business Users.

Tips –

Try Not Installing Norton from third Party Website they May can steal your Product code.

It’s available in many platforms such as windows, mac, i.o.s And Android etc. One Can Get  Norton Endpoint Protection for Thier Home And Business Devices. If Your Installation Failed You Can Try Doing Same Again  Steps After uninstalling Norton.

We hope Now your Norton Antivirus Has Been Installed. Please Comment and let us know if you need more help with Norton setup.

Good Luck